SoCal Water Babies Swim Lessons Orangecrest Riverside, CA 92508

Thank you for choosing SoCal Water Babies

We are currently scheduling for Spring 2019! We have available lesson times as early as 7:00 am and as late as 7:30pm (depending on the season and availability)

We will reach out to you within the next 3 days to get your preferred start date and time. Please remember you will need to be able to commit to 3 - 6 weeks consecutively, depending on your desired program.

Registration Fee - WE NO LONGER CHARGE A REGISTRATION FEE! However, once you have a lesson start date we will send you an invoice for your first weeks lesson fee. That fee is non-refundable, however, if you need to reschedule lessons we will apply the fee to your account. If you have to reschedule less than 1-business day before your first lesson, we charge a 50% the cost of your first week as a cancellation fee, even if you reschedule for a later date. We will only refund your lesson fee if you are able to cancel 2-business days in advance. 

Make-up Lessons - We can only offer 2 makeup lessons per session. This includes vacation and illness makeup lessons. 

Digital Release - If you allow your instructor to document your child's lesson you consent to the possession and use of those images, depictions, and recordings of my child(ren) by SoCal Water Babies and/or Cathryn Van Der Linden for promotional and educational purposes on the web and/or in print. These images WILL NOT be sold or reproduced in any way other than mentioned above. I understand I may opt-out by letting my instructor know, via text or email, that I do not want my child recorded. Your child's name and identity will be protected by using only his/her first name and age in months/years (eg. "here is Claire floating at 17 months"). If you want to opt out, please inform your instructor. 

Maintnance Lessons - We offer Friday maintenance lessons once yous child has completed the program. A short (1- 3 weeks) refresher course is recommended each year so your child can practice age appropriate skill. Once that refresher course, or original course, is complete, you will be able to register for Friday lessons.

Please take a look at our lesson guidelines HERE

Thank you so much and we look forward to meeting you!
Ms. Cathryn