SoCal Water Babies, Inc. and Infant Swimming Instructors, LLC have recently obtained a Low and No-Cost grant for  Riverside County residents. The First 5 Riverside grant covers between 3 and 4 weeks of lessons at the cost of $40.  These grant subsidized  swim-float-swim and survival float lesson will become available in July 2018. We currently have funding for 580 students on this 


Will it REALLY only take 3 - 4 weeks for my child to learn to survive if they fall in the pool ?

YES, absolutely. We have 2 programs: Swim-Float-Swim and Survival Float (see videos above). All children under the age of 5 will be able to learn the Survival Float within the 3 -4 week time frame. The Survival Float is the ability to rollback and float, rest and breathe if your child were ever to find themselves alone in the water. This skill is designed to SAVE THEIR LIFE. This skill is taught to all students 5 and younger. Additionally, if your child is 4 or 5 years old we can take them much further in that same 3 - 4 week time frame that is subsidized by the grant. Children of this age will learn the swim-float-swim sequence. Your child will be taught to swim face down with eyes open and when they need to breathe they roll on their back to float, rest and breathe. They can now flip back over onto their tummy  to continue swimming until he or she reaches a point of safety. 

Children as young as 15 months can learn the Swim-Float-Swim so they can get across the pool for fun and for safety! If you would like to go beyond Survival Floating lessons for your child who is over 15 months and under 4 years old we can teach this skill to your child, however, this skilll set takes aproximately 6 weeks for children of this age to learn. If you would like your child to lean the swim-float-swim at this younger age we can simply charge you the regular lesson rate for the additional 2 - 3 weeks that it will take to incorporate these skills. Please ask your individual instructor if Swim-Float-Swim is the right program for your family. The amount of additional weeks it may take for your child to complete the Swim-Float-Swim will be based on age and developmental abilities. First 5 will subsidize the first 4-weeks of lessons and any additional classes you would like to take, including diving, stroking etc., must be paid out of pocket. 

As an example; most 4 year olds (along with many 3 year olds) will be able to complete the Swim-Float-Swim within 4 weeks and the cost is subsidized by the grant. If your child is 2, the  Swim FLoat Swim generally takes about 6 weeks (not 4 weeks) so you would need to pay for those additional 2 weeks of lessons. This additional cost is ONLY IF you want to go beyond the survival float at this younger age. This additional skill is an option and NOT a requirement of grant recipients. The cost for those 2 weeks of lessons can be paid up front or divided over the entire 6 weeks of lessons, depending on you instructor, making these lessons much more affordable. Again, talk to your instructor to see what program is right for you.

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To Qualify:

  1. The student must be 5 or younger
  2. The student must live in Riverside County. Verification may be required.
  3. All students must fill out an intake form

Low-Cost VS No-Cost:

  1. Lesson fees are $40 for up to 4 weeks of lessons. This fee will be collected once the student is booked with their instructor.
  2. If your family is on public assistance the $40 fee will be waived. Verification required.
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