Digital Release or Opt-Out

I hereby consent to the possession and use of images, depictions, and recordings of the below named minor child(ren) by SoCal Water Babies and/or Cathryn Van Der Linden for promotional and educational purposes on the web and/or in print. I, with my digital signature below, acknowledge that such photographs, films, recordings, and videos shall be the property of SoCal Water Babies and that these images will not be sold or reproduced in any way other than mentioned above.
SoCal Water Babies has the right to possess photographs, videotape, and digital images taken of my child during lessons for use in promotional or educational materials as follows:

  • printed publications or materials
  • electronic publications or presentations
  • Website (
  • Social Media pages including Facebook and Instagram

I understand that my child’s name and identity will be protected by using only his/her first name and age in months/years (eg. "here is Claire floating at 17 months"). I authorize the use of these images indefinitely without compensation of any sort. All negatives, positives, prints, digital reproductions, videotape and copyrights shall be the property of SoCal Water Babies.

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