method was and decided to leave my career in marketing to teach lifesaving survival float and swim-float-swim lessons in my community. While visiting a swim family and host pool location in April 2009, we were outside admiring the garden when 16-month old Claire fell right in the pool. As her mommy, I wanted jump right in and “rescue” her but I knew she could rescue herself. She had not been in the water since her refresher lessons in November of the year before. The water was cold and she was in her pajamas but she rolled over, came right up to the surface and floated on her back. She squealed because of the cold but she was safe. 9 years and more than 1800 students

Give your child the competence, confidence and skills of water safety with the SoCal Water Babies program. The safest provider of survival swimming lessons for children 6 months to 6 years of age.

As a California native, I have always had a great love for the water. At a young age I water-skied every weekend in my home town of Lake Arrowhead. Later I worked as a lifeguard at the Arrowhead Beach Club. My husband and I have two young children. I had our first child; our daughter Claire, in 2007 and this is how I found Infant Swimming Resource. We, like many families in Riverside, had a pool in our backyard and I was aware of the drowning risk this presented to my child. My nearest ISR instructor was 40 minutes driving distance but I was determined to make the commitment to ensure my daughters safety. After completing lessons I realized how amazing this

A proud provider of the survival swim method

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later I still am choked up every time a baby rolls to their back for the first time because I know how life saving this skill can be. I have had many calls, emails and even a video of some of my past students using their roll back and floating skills.

Our veteran Senior Instructor, Cathryn Van Der Linden, was trained by Infant Swimming Resource in 2008 and worked teaching solely ISR lessons for 8 years. After her experience with ISR and Infant Swimming Resource, Cathryn wanted to develop a training program for babies and toddlers that would cater to the needs of Californians, their schedules and their babies. She began teaching solely for SoCal Water Babies in 2016 and she brings with her the experience of personally teaching 50,000 lessons to over 3000 students 5 and younger. SoCal Water Babies and Cathryn Van Der Linden's track record speaks for themselves: all of her past students have been able to complete the rollback to float sequence and none of her past students have experienced an in-water incident that resulted in injury or drowning. Can any other program say that?

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